About us

Welcome to Potato Squad!! 😊 We’re human teenagers working to inspire people to reduce their environmental impact. We have monthly challenges, and we’ll be sharing tips, resources, and motivation. Every Potato makes a difference, and together we can save the world! You can stay tuned for news, events, and more by subscribing to our blog, signing up for our newsletter, or following us @potatosquadearth on Instagram. Thank you for existing, and be a potato!

Potatoes are our mascot because they’re awesome, as we aspire to be, and represent life on Earth. People of the Ann Arbor Trees-and-Trash Operation (POTATO) Squad strives to inspire evryone to work together for a better future.

Meet our two Core Potatoes!

WhateverPotato: Hello! I’m Maya (she/they) (aka WhateverPotato ☂️). I’m a bookish fiend📖 who enjoys cooking🎂🔪, dancing🩰, activism🏳️‍🌈, nature🌳, organizing stuff into categories🍱, hanging out with friends 🤸‍♀️and screaming musicals with my sister 🎭 (DivergentPotato 🔥). 

MastermindPotato: Hello! I’m MastermindPotato 🐉 (she/her), a human who lives on Earth and wants to repay our debt to it! I’m a bookworm and a writer, and am usually the source of the pretentious words in our newsletters. In addition to environmentalism, I want to be an activist for social justice, in particular animal rights. I think social justice is a vital component of environmental justice, and to save our world we need to care for each other as well. That’s why I hope Potato Squad will help us all to work together for a better future in all aspects of life. It’s nice to meet you, Potatoes!! 🥔💖

Meet our three founding Potatoes!

DivergentPotato: Hi! I’m DivergentPotato 🔥 (she/her), a human (or at least, I think I’m a human) who likes potatoes, reading, and hanging out with people. I also like climbing trees, cooking, and flinging shoes. Being a potato is important to me because if we’re all eco-friendly, we can help save the world! I think working together with people is motivating and fun, and I hope it is for you too! 😊 Thank you for all your support in our mission to make the world more eco-friendly! 🌱

CloudyPotato: Hello, I’m CloudyPotato ⛅️ (she/her), a human who enjoys being a Potato. My hobbies are playing viola, singing, and reading, and I enjoy learning about business and personal finances. I want to start a blog that will explore how to be more eco-friendly in your everyday life, and how helping the environment benefits us all. I think this movement is important because the Earth is something we all share and is the source of all of our life, and I hope we can inspire others to care for our planet and create a better world! Good luck on your journey of Potatohood!! 😊

MastermindPotato: See above!

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