May 2020: Energy Eco-Etiquette

This month we begin working on eco-etiquette part 2: energy! There are a lot of simple, small ways you can reduce your energy usage — here are some that we’ve found helpful! 

Turn the light off when you leave a room, and if possible using more energy-efficient lights like LEDs or solar lights when possible

Turn down the heat in the winter and turn it up in the summer by a couple degrees — in the winter, put on warmer clothing such as a sweater, cardigan, etc. In the summer, use a handheld fan or drink something cool

Turn off and unplug devices and appliances when they aren’t being used — when they’re plugged in, they always expend a bit of energy, even when they’re off

Use solar energy when possible! Solar lanterns or flashlights, as well as solar battery packs for charging devices, are an easy way to put solar energy to use

See if your appliances have an energy-saving mode

Reuse as much as possible! Producing anything requires a lot of energy, and recycling is still energy-intensive, so the most energy-efficient choice is to reuse whenever possible — bags, boxes, scrap paper for notes, etc. — and get reusable straws, water bottles, and handkerchiefs

If you have any tips for saving energy, let us know in the comments!

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