Knowledge is POWER, MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

A note from MastermindPotato ???? on the importance of research (especially pertaining to recycling):

That’s right — if we research stuff, we will have ALL THE POWER!!!!!! ???????????? If you learn what you can recycle in your area, guess what?? It’ll actually be recycled!!!!!! (You don’t want the three of us to be the only ones with the p o w e r, do you?!? Then research lest we defeat you!!!!)
And this applies to other things too! What household appliances use the most energy? How can you reduce waste? Why is composting important? Look them up ➡️ ✨POWER✨????????????
And why do we need to learn about climate change at all? Because, my dear scheming friends, our world will be destroyed if we do not. And if it does not exist, it cannot improve, and we cannot experience the amazingness of potatoes or exist and stuff. ✨incentives✨
So how do we save the world from those INFERIOR schemers who wish to destroy it??? (I hope they don’t actually exist!!) We reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and urge others to do the same. But wait — how do we do that??
And that, dear Potatoes, is why we must research. ????????♻️

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