Reusing, Repairing, and Repurposing


1. Reusable bags. You don’t need to buy them — just use any paper bags or tote bags you happen to own! And keep in mind that you can also reuse veggie bags

2. Reusable water bottle. It saves soooo much plastic, it’s cheaper, it’s more aesthetically pleasing, it can be insulated, a n d you can use it for other drinks too!!!

3. Rags and washcloths. Replace toilet paper, tissue paper, paper towel, and paper napkins with cloth. You’ll save great quantities of money and avoid using paper!!! Also, you don’t need to buy a bunch of fancy cloths — you can use old scrap cloth or rip up old clothes, towels, and bedsheets that you don’t use

4. Reusable period products. They aren’t as gross as they sound — you get used to them and save m o r e money and resources! See our May 2021 challenge for different options

5. Reusable cutlery, straws, and takeout containers. Be sure to use them at home, and bring these in your eco-bag to avoid waste when you go out to eat! They’re also very convenient for picnics

6. Pen refills. For gel pens or fountain pens, you can get ink refills instead of buying a new pen; you can also try using an inkwell

7. Beeswax wrap. This is a reusable alternative to saran wrap, and it comes in cute patterns (very aesthetic)! Since it’s produced by bees, make sure the one you buy is ethically made

8. Silicone cupcake liners. Yay, reusableness!

Repairing ????

1. You can fix ✨anything✨ with Duck Tape. (Other brands of duct tape exist too, but they aren’t as high-quality.) Some examples of fixable items are clothes hangers, tables and chairs, shoes, phone cases, vinyl objects like couches and wallets, and photo frames. Anyway, there’s lots of stuff you can fix instead of casting it into oblivion! And yes, Duck Tape isn’t particularly eco-friendly, but neither is despairing and condemning things to the abyss of the landfill. Although! If it doesn’t require strong adhesive, you can use ✨food stickers✨ (see below). Mwahahahahahahahahaha

2. Glue is very useful for small things!

3. Try sewing up clothes, bedsheets, etc.

Upcycling! ✨♻️

1. Recycled art. You can make art out of all sorts of so-called “trash”! 

2. Washcloths. You can turn old clothes, sheets, etc. into cloths that can replace tons and tons of disposable paper

3. Cardboard boxes, jars, etc. for storage. Why buy bins when you get boxes for freeeeeee? Also, cardboard tubes and various jars can make cute storage containers and pen holders

4. Paper. Save envelopes and partially used sheets of paper for making notes (I use colored and patterned ones for cards and notebooks)! As a bonus, you can look back on old drawings and printouts without them taking up extra space!

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