April Challenge and Eco-Etiquette!

Hello, Potatoes! Happy spring! We will not be meeting this month but will have a series of discussion questions throughout the month, starting with one in this post. Stay healthy and be a Potato!

This season we introduce eco-etiquette! Eco-etiquette is CloudyPotato’s ingenious invention: Small, simple ways to reduce waste and live a more eco-friendly life. If you practice eco-etiquette (and ask friends to do the same!), the Earth will thank you and your life will be potatoified.

This month, we will be focusing on conserving water. It is especially important to wash our hands now, but water does not have to go to waste! Save water by turning it off when you’re brushing your teeth, taking quick showers, and getting water-saving devices for your toilet, shower and sink — a lot of them don’t make your life any harder. You just need to do a quick installment and let it do its job! And go check out the blog post that is linked down below it goes into more detail about virtual water, the water that gets used to make the items that we use every day, and how you can reduce a lot less water just by changing some very simple buys!

Tip: Clothes consume vast amounts of freshwater to produce, cotton and denim clothes especially. A single pound of cotton requires 700 gallons of water to produce! To save resources, you can shop at secondhand, thrift, and vintage stores, have clothing swaps, or buy clothes that will last.

Discussion question: What is one thing (or multiple) you’ve changed to help the environment? Answer in the comments!

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