March 2020: How To Use Your Eco Bag

This month we will be focusing on how to use your eco bag!

Water Bottle: Use it instead of getting single-use plastic water bottles by filling it at home and bringing it with you
everywhere you go. Did you know we used 22 billion plastic bottles last year?

Reusable Bag: It’s always good to have a reusable bag with you — you never know when you might go to the store or need to bring more things home than you left with. Use whatever bag you already have. The first step to having a zero-waste lifestyle is reducing; it’s the most simple and straightforward thing you can do to save money and be more eco-friendly.

Reusable Cutlery: You can use these items when there is no other option for reusable cutlery, and you can also include a straw and straw cleaner so you can use it whenever you’re eating out or eating lunch at work or school.

Reusable Napkins: Use this when you’re out and there is no reusable option. You can also use them at home. I find them very helpful and much more pleasant to use!

Handkerchief: Use this instead of tissue or Kleenex. I find it is much more comfortable to use and it is also kind of classy, which I like. 😉

Containers for Eating Out: You can bring food to work or school and use them when eating out instead of using the disposable ones that restaurants offer.

Thank you for taking the time to reduce your use of disposables! Every bit counts!

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