Plastic-Free July!

Happy Plastic-Free July!! It’s a worldwide challenge to avoid single-use plastic, and is a perfect thing to do for this month’s goal, Reduce! Here are some ways to reduce disposable plastic, and feel free to give more suggestions in the comments.

• If you can, reuse shopping bags and produce bags — a tip is that you don’t have to buy reusable ones, you can just reuse paper or plastic ones! • If you can’t, reuse them as trash bags

• Buy food in glass jars instead of plastic

• Use bars of soap, floss, deodorant, etc. with paper wrappers instead of plastic

• Use reusable coffee cups, straws, and cutlery when you eat out, and avoid takeout in plastic packaging

• Buy food with less packaging

•Use bamboo toothbrushes

• Buy clothes made from natural fibers

• Store food in reusable containers

• Reuse plastic containers if you can’t avoid getting them

Visit for more suggestions! You can also play trivia on to remove plastic from the oceans, or use Ocean Hero as a search engine.

We can do this! Comment with what you’re doing for Plastic-Free July! Thank you for participating, Potatoes!

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