July 2020: Reducing

The next three months we will be focusing on the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

They’re in order of importance, because if you reduce the number of things you buy/consume, you won’t have to worry about needing to throw as much stuff away, and you’ll be taking one more step toward a better world because if you lead by example others will eventually follow! Then secondly, reuse — keep reusing the things you already own or things you have borrowed from friends and also what you got from thrifting! Lastly, recycling is a last resort in case you can’t reduce your consumption of something; contrary to what a lot of people think, recycling is very energy-intensive, so it is always best to keep recycling as a last resort besides trash.

Some things to do for the July challenge:

Cut back on disposable items: Plastic cutlery, plastic bags, produce bags, straws, tissues, and paper towels by either bringing your own reusable ones or not using them.

•Cutlery: wash plastic ones or use steel or wooden — try carrying compact ones with you at all times of your existence 😉

•Plates and bowls: use reusable ones — ceramic, glass, or steel

•Shopping bags: reuse paper ones, buy cloth/plastic ones, and if you have any plastic ones use them as trash bags

•Produce bags: buy mesh bags or reuse plastic ones

•Straws: wash plastic ones or use reusable

•Tissues, paper towel, etc.: use cloth or reusable alternatives

•Plastic water bottles: use a reusable one that you already own or you could ask for one from a friend who isn’t using theirs! Go to a thrift store, or as a last resort buy one new good quality one that will last you a lifetime!

Try to cut back on things that you don’t need, and carry some of these reusable items in your eco-bag!

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