December 2022: Art and the Internet

Greetings, fellow potatoes!!! Happy almost-winter! ❄️ As we enter the holiday season, we hope you’ve been able to talk to your friends and family about the environment and have valuable discussions, and we encourage you to continue! Have you learned anything in the process? Please let us know!

We’ll conclude our theme of spreading the word with more indirect forms of communication — art and the internet! If talking to people is not your forte (though, of course, it’s a skill you can cultivate!), there are plenty of other ways to advocate. Activism can also quickly become draining or overwhelming, so art is one way to make it more uplifting and have fun in the process.

Art is a powerful form of activism — it spreads the message in a way that allows people to feel something and personally relate to it rather than just receiving information. This is the time to put your artistic skills to use! (And yes, you do have artistic skills — anything counts!) In addition to crafts and visual art, there’s also writing, music, performance, cooking and baking, and so much more. The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas:

  • Environmental poetry and stories (create empathy for the environment and those affected by climate change, and educate others on environmental issues)
  • Recycled sculptures and multimedia art (make people think about the waste they generate, and create art with no additional waste)
  • Eco-friendly gardening and landscaping (educate others on how to live sustainably with the land, and create a place to experience and relate to the environment)
  • Music relating to the environment (create empathy for the environment and remind us of the urgency of the situation)
  • Nature photography (pay homage to our planet’s beauty and remind us what we’re defending, and document changes in the environment and environmental issues)
  • Sustainable food creations (encourage people to learn about sustainability and eat sustainably, and show that sustainable food can be just as good as, if not better than, conventional food)
  • Performances and events (share information about the environment in fun, creative ways)
  • Paintings, sculptures, etc. relating to the environment (give another way to relate to environmental issues)
  • Social-media videos and photos (raise awareness about the environment with your social-media skills — this is also an art form!)
  • Sustainable crafts (give an alternative to mainstream products and explain the environmental impacts of what we buy)

Of course, it doesn’t stop at art! There are plenty more ways you can use your skills to advocate for the environment. Here are some ideas:

  • Start a website, social-media account, or blog about the environment (a brilliant idea, if we may say so ourselves)
  • Teach a class or workshop on the science of climate change, sustainability, relating to the environment, or another related topic
  • If you have a large audience of some kind, spread the word to them

And, of course, it’s a potato to share/promote/support/buy/repost other people’s environmental art and content! (Of course, when it comes to factual information, make sure you fact-check things before you repost them.) Please send us the environmental art you find and create!!

Our goal for this month: Use your creative skills to raise awareness, understanding, and empathy for the environment!

Have fun being creative this month, and happy holidays!! 🥳

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