January 2023: New Year’s Resolutions

Hello, dear potatoes, and happy new year and three-year anniversary of Potato Squad!!!!!!! 🥳

We hope you’ve had a gentle and pleasant holiday season ❄️ 

Please take a minute to fill out this survey about Potato Squad! We’d love to know what you think about how we’ve been doing and what else we can do, and whether you’d be interested in events. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

We’ll begin our theme next month; for now, we’d like to begin by making New Year’s resolutions for what we’ll do for the environment. (Though if you won’t have enough time to make specific commitments, or if you find New Year’s resolutions unhelpful, we totally understand!) Otherwise, please email us your resolutions so we can compile them into a beautiful piece of art and you can never, ever, ever escape them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Or you can escape with minimal effort.)

All the best with your coming year of brilliant potatoishness!!

With hope and thanks, 

Potato Squad 🥔

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