January 2020: Creating Your Eco Bag

This season’s theme is Eco Bag. This means that over these three months we’ll be putting together bags with reusable items to carry with us, which will greatly reduce our use of disposable items. (Tip: If you can use these at home as well, that’s even better!) For this month we’ll focus on putting them together. Here’s a list of things to start with; if you have suggestions for any more, please let us know!

What you’ll need:

  • Water bottle — we recommend you use a double-insulated bottle so you can use it for both hot and cold drinks 
  • Reusable bag — we recommended using bags that you already have; if you don’t have one that will fit. We recommend buying ChicoBags — they are small and durable, perfect for your eco bag! (You can also keep several grocery bags and produce bags in your car)
  • Reusable cutlery — use some that you already own or save and reuse plastic cutlery 
  • Cloth napkin
  • Cloth handkerchief 
  • Containers for eating out (you can also keep these in your car if they don’t fit in your bag)
  • A bag to hold it all — either a bag that you already take with you everywhere or another bag that you already own

Good luck, and be a potato!

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