February 2020: Bringing Your Eco Bag Everywhere

Now that it’s February, it’s time to continue with the eco-bag challenge! This month, we start taking our lovely new eco bags with us everywhere!

Here are some tips for remembering to take it everywhere:
Something that really helps me remember to bring my bag with me is using bags that I already take with me everywhere — that way I don’t have to remember to bring it, because it’s already a habit! But if you don’t already carry one, here are a couple tips: If you forget to bring it and you remember on your way there or when you’re at your destination, then you go back home and get it — that painful memory of having to go all the way back home will stop you from forgetting it ever again! If not, do it a couple times and see what happens! CloudyPotato really encourages you to use this method, even if it sounds painful, because it will help so much! Another thing you can do is put a sign on your door or put your bag by the door so you’ll see it on your way out, but it will only work for so much time before you get used to seeing it, and therefore stop acknowledging it. If you know when you’re leaving, then try putting a reminder on your phone. All these also apply to bringing your own reusable bags to the store. And of course, your eco-bags will be very helpful at home as well!

Thank you for continuing with this challenge, and be a potato!

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