Vegetable Soup!

You can vary the vegetables and spices in this recipe to make any kind of soup or curry!


5 tomatoes (I use roma or tomatoes on the vine)

2 zucchinis

Sesame (or other) oil

Water (2 cups? It depends on how thick or runny you want the soup to be)


Black pepper

Granulated garlic

Cayenne pepper or something else that’s spicy






Crushed red pepper

Whatever other herbs you want to add

(The spices can be varied, and the quantity depends on your preferences. ????)

Chop the tomatoes and zucchini, put oil in a pan, and turn the stove to medium-high heat (you may want to turn it down later). Add the tomatoes and zucchini, and when they’ve partially softened, add the water, herbs, and spices. Cook the soup until the vegetables are a pleasant texture and enjoy!

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